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What is Greek InterVarsity?

Greek InterVarsity is a strategic ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It exists to reach a unique and influential demographic of the campus and to equip them with teaching, training and resources to become leaders on campus and world changers in their lives after graduation.

What is the purpose of Greek InterVarsity? 

The purpose of Greek IV is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to fraternities and sororities across the country, building witnessing communities in Greek systems and small group Bible studies in chapter houses

What is the vision of Greek InterVarsity?

The vision of Greek IV is to see the lives of fraternity and sorority members transformed, the Greek systems on their campuses renewed and to see leaders who will go on to change the world for the sake of the Kingdom emerge from these settings.

What types of things does Greek InterVarsity sponsor on campus?

Greek InterVarsity often seeks to become a part of what’s already taking place on campus but also helps to initiate new, universally beneficial aspects to Greek systems across the country. These initiatives include campus panels on relevant issues like dating and relationships, depression and global poverty.  Greek InterVarsity also trains students to lead bible studies in their fraternity and sorority houses and on many campuses provides a weekly gathering for students from all Greek houses to come together for worship, fellowship and teaching.

Where can I find a Greek InterVarsity near me?

Greek InterVarsity currently has chapters on over 60 campuses across the country with more being added each year. With this many chapters, chances are if Greek IV is not on your campus already, there's a campus nearby to connect with. See the full listing of Greek IV campuses. Even with presences on many campuses already, there are still many campuses without a Greek IV chapter. If you are interested in bringing Greek InterVarsity to your campus, let us know!


Why do Greek InterVarsity staff fundraise?

100% of the work on campus by staff of Greek InterVarsity is made possible solely though donations. Since there is no alternative source of income, staff must raise funds not only for their work on campus but also for their salary, benefits, insurance and administrative overhead for the national organization. It can be a challenging model but also an immensely rewarding one for both the staff and those who partner with them financially. It is also a biblical model. 

What does this money go towards?

A campus staff is required to raise a budget that includes: salary, benefits, insurance, equipment, national overhead and more. When you make a tax-deductible gift to that staff worker, you are simultaneously supporting the ministry on their specific campus, the ministry and basic needs of that individual and the overall work of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship across the country.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a tax-deductible 501c3 organization and all gifts towards it and any of its sub-ministries like Greek InterVarsity are 100% tax-deductible.

Why can’t I just send money to the staff directly?

In order for your donations to be processed and receipted as tax-deductible, we must process all gifts for campus staff through our donation services department. Donors oftentimes show their appreciation for campus staff through gifts in kind or small monetary gifts for personal expenses.

What are the other areas that need funding besides campus staff?

To see where you can make an impact with a specific campus, project or event you can visit our donations page, which highlights the current areas of greatest need. 

Our History

When was Greek InterVarsity founded?

Greek InterVarsity was founded in 1991.

How was Greek InterVarsity founded?

The story of Greek InterVarsity begins with the prayers of a faithful couple on staff with InterVarsity. They began to pray intentionally for fraternity and sorority students.

When was the first Greek Conference?

The first Greek Conference happened in 1994.

What kind of national attention has Greek InterVarsity received?

Throughout the years, Greek InterVarsity has appeared in both Time Magazine in 2005, and in the New York Times in 2011.

About Greek Life

What does it mean to be Greek and Christian?

As a Christian, there will be many identities that you embrace that will intersect with the primary identity as a follower of Christ. Some of these identities will be more readily visible from the outside and come with demands that seek to lay greater claim on your core identity than they ought. It's quite true that for many, the Greek identity that comes with the lifestyle of being in a fraternity or sorority can be so overpowering that it can seek to be the primary identity. However, the same could be said for many roles and identities that will come and go post-college: parent, fan, coach, just about anything!

To be Greek and Christian means to live at that narrow intersection during those four-odd years while you are involved, and to live to the fullest in that place: to be fully Greek and fully Christian. We believe that through Christ such an existence is not only possible, but life-giving and powerful.

Is it really possible to be part of the culture in the Greek system and also grow in my faith as a Christian?

That's a fair question. Just as it's a fair question to ask if one can be a professional athlete, lawyer, or rock star while being a Christian. In life there are situations and environments that we voluntarily place ourselves in that pose significant risks to our walk with Christ. To the outside observer, it may seem as though the two identities cannot coexist. As Greek InterVarsity, we say with a resounding "Yes!" that it is indeed possible to be fully Greek and fully Christian. Our mission, vision, resources, conferences and chapters all exist to help students who are living at the intersection of Greek & Christian - a place we believe that it's possible to not only survive but thrive. 

Is Greek IV an alternative to going to church?

How many ways can we say NO? InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, as well as Greek InterVarsity, are not designed to be replacements to the participation and membership in the local church. It has never been our role, nor do we intend to take the place of the local church. In fact, we encourage all students involved in Greek InterVarsity to be actively attending a church near campus during their time in school.

How do I know if I should leave my house or stay in it?

A very common question that many Christians face at some point or another during their time in their house is whether it's worth staying any longer. We recommend this article to help in the discernment process.