Brian Mann

Brian has held a number of roles within InterVarsity since graduating with a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois. Brian first joined the staff team with the Illinois chapter in which he had been a student leader. His wife, Lauren joined that team a year later, and they worked in close partnership. After a couple years God called them to co-lead the chapter. Brian then became a Team Leader helping serve on the Area Leadership for the 22 staff at the University of Illinois. Feeling led to meet leadership needs in Greek InterVarsity, Brian and Lauren relocated to the Blue Ridge to serve as Co-Regional Coordinators and soon after Brian was also asked to help lead Greek Ministry for the South Central Cluster in addition to the Blue Ridge region. This varied experience on campus and across regions prepared Brian for the role he now holds as Director of Greek Ministry. Some of Brian's favorite InterVarsity experiences beyond the chapter work at Illinois have been: leading Global Projects to Tajikistan and Romania, formulating a new growth strategy through the Chapter Building Steering Committee, participating in InterVarsity's Leadership Institute, and leadership in the Greek Conferences. Brian and Lauren have two daughters: Mackenzie the dynamic 4 year old and Sydney the fearless 2 year old. Both are on pace to break some conference attendance records as they attend all the Greek Conferences and events. Brian is raising them both right in their adopted home in Raleigh, NC by instilling his devotion to the Chicago Bears. An information junkie, Brian will read almost anything in magazine form, but especially loves learning about business, sports, and leadership.

General Info
National Greek Director
Alma Mater: 
University of Illinois - Urbana
Greek Affiliation: 
Delta Upsilon