Joseph Kwan

Joseph grew up in Texas but was born in Hong Kong. He moved to Austin, TX to attend the University of Texas at Austin to study Advertising. He is currently serving at his alma mater, with the largest Asian American chapter in InterVarsity with over 300 students and planting a Greek InterVarsity at UT Austin and in Texas. In his free time, he is also passionate about design, movies, eating good food, and understanding the world of advertising, PR, and marketing. He was a part of InterVarsity throughout his undergrad, though he was not Greek, God gave him desire to see all Greek come to experience Jesus in a new and powerful way. As a staff worker that primary works with his Asian American chapter, he has been able to walk along Asian American Greeks especially those in Asian-interest chapters as he explores the intersection between Greek, Faith, and Culture. Joseph wants to see all Greek councils being reached in Texas.

General Info
Campus Staff Minister
Alma Mater: 
University of Texas- Austin
Greek Affiliation: