Nick Kwok

Nick joined Sigma Phi Epsilon when he was a freshman at San Diego State University and he came to faith through the Greek system. After graduating from college, Nick knew he wanted to work for Greek InterVarsity because of his passion and desire for Greek students to know more about Jesus in their context. The next year after Nick graduated, he took a job as National Representative for Sigma Phi Epsilon as a leadership consultant. After that year, Nick came back to San Diego to be on staff with Greek InterVarsity. In July 2012, Nick moved to Los Angeles to plant a Greek IV chapter at UCLA, and hopefully help spread the Greek IV movement throughout Los Angeles. In December of 2013, Nick married the love of his life, Natalia. In his spare time he loves playing tennis and playing guitar.

General Info
Greek Ministry Associate Area Director
Alma Mater: 
San Diego State University
Greek Affiliation: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon