Rebecca Luoh

Becky is a California native, born and raised. She currently serves at her alma mater, UC-Berkeley, which is a place that has taught her to appreciate things like single origin coffee, Bikram yoga, creative expression, and bike rides. She is an alumna of Sigma Phi Omega, an Asian-interest sorority, where God first grew her heart for Greek ministry through her awesome sisters. Becky was a student in InterVarsity with big plans to go into the corporate media marketing world, but God redirected her - she said yes to a bigger call and adventure, came on staff, and planted the Greek IV chapter at Cal. She has a passion for hearing and telling people's stories, dreaming about what God can do, and meeting people from all walks of life (over a cup of coffee of course).

General Info
Greek Ministry Regional Coordinator
Alma Mater: 
University of California - Berkeley
Greek Affiliation: 
Sigma Phi Omega