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Your story is worth sharing. Students from across the country have used this site as a resource for encouragement, advice, and for ideas that have been crucial to life in the Greek system. By sharing your story you may be helping a fraternity or sorority member that you may never get to meet. It could also lead to a conversation with a brother or sister from a chapter on a different campus who was thankful for your story. Whatever the result, God is glorified when we share stories of the work He has done is our lives and that alone is reason to share them.

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Part Two: A Graduate Leading on Campus

Sometimes God answers prayer almost immediately after asking. Other times, it seems we wait forever. The summer before graduate school, I had been reading “Too Busy Not to Pray.” This book encouraged me in my prayer life and spiritual walk with the Lord. One afternoon, I spent time praying about my future. I had no idea how I was going to pay for graduate school or where I would live on campus, I just knew that I was going. I asked God to show me what he wanted for me.

The next day I received two immediate answers to prayer. One was an email, asking me to teach a class in grad school, thus completely paying for school. The other was a phone call, inviting me to be a house mom for a sorority. After some shock, and more prayer, I trusted that these were truly God’s answers. I ended up teaching human sexuality, a class concerning the view of sex in society, and becoming a house mom in a house I had not been a part of; this was not exactly how I thought God would answer.