While there is a lot of room to give practical advice in this area, we also know that this is commonly turned into an area of shame within Christian culture. There is no shortage of do’s and don’ts on this topic and we really love that this episode of the podcast is story-based, not a one-size-fits-all how-to. We hope it helps you consider your story and how you can invite God to be a part of it! Listen in as Mark, Depauw University & Delta Upsilon alumni, shares his story with us.

By Michelle Lindsay

Set aside the fact that the concept of dating is something that’s only been around for a handful of decades in Western culture.

By Alison Smith

During the interview, Hale was asked about how his faith informs his career as an actor. He responded, “All I ever wanted was a sitcom…when I booked it I thought, ‘This doesn’t satisfy like I thought it would satisfy’…that was a faith lesson. If you’re not practicing contentment where you’re at, then you’re not going to be content when you get what you want.”