By Emery Silva

8 Things to Consider Before Recruitment

A primer for those about to go Greek

You have heard the many appeals about why you should go Greek. Leadership positions, lasting friendships, community service events, worthwhile philanthropies, high academic standards, energetic social life, and professional networking opportunities are all reasons to join, and the list goes on.

But what else does the Greek system have to offer if you want to live out your faith? Wherever you are in the recruitment, pledgeship, or active member process, here are our top eight considerations for going through recruitment as a follower of Jesus.




Before, during and after recruitment, pray for an attentive heart to acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s guidance throughout the process. Pray for your placement and for opportunities that will allow you to be bold, meet new people, and grow in your faith.


Recruitment is a fun process! This is the perfect time to get to know new people who could potentially become some of your close friends with whom you will live. Don’t spend inordinate amounts of time worrying that you won’t get into the house you want or that there aren’t any other Christians in the house you might join. Trust that God goes before you and prepares the way.


Be yourself and be open about your values from the beginning. Not only will you have a better time doing this, but you may be more satisfied with the bid that you receive at the end of recruitment.


Both recruitment and the new member periods are good times to consider if Greek life is for you. If recruitment doesn’t turn out as you had hoped, take heart and remember that God’s plans are sometimes different than our own.


Consider what you hear from people that you meet during the recruitment process. While not all conversations go below the surface right away, remember that all kinds of people are represented in each chapter, and that one person does not necessarily represent the whole. However, as you go along, a picture will start to emerge about what it looks like to live and spend time together among the different chapters you visit.


Accepting a bid is a significant energy and financial commitment. You may have a lot going on with school, sorority or fraternity events, clubs and other extracurricular activities. Decide if you are willing to put the time into getting to know the men or women in your chapter. Will you make an effort to avoid being the absent sorority or fraternity member? You need to spend good time with your brothers or sisters in order to get anything out of it and to make an impact there. At the same time, make sure you can stay connected to a fellowship like Greek Intervarsity.


You will be amazed what God can do in and through you during your time in the sorority or fraternity. As you pray, spend time with your chapter, take risks and get to know people. What does a risk look like for you? Does it mean telling your brothers or sisters about your faith in Jesus Christ; leading a Bible study; taking a position of leadership and standing up for decisions that you believe in; inviting your friends to a conference or spring break service event? Whatever it may look like for you, dream big and pray a lot.


While you may not see Christian fellowship in your sorority or fraternity right away, Greek InterVarsity can help you grow in your faith as a Greek and Christian, and give you encouragement and tools to be a witness throughout your time in your fraternity or sorority. Get involved in a small group Bible study led by an older student or staff member. Share your life with people from different chapters, and support one another throughout your time in college. You will be amazed at the depth and the strength of these relationships after you have grown in your faith together.
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