"Being Greek brought me to God"

Alpha Gam from Central Michigan shares her story

Growing up in a Christian home, I did it all - got baptized, attended Vacation Bible School, took my first communion, and then got confirmed. My home church was a huge part of my life. I threw myself into it; I was actively involved in my youth group and taught Sunday school and made some of my best friends. But when our youth director was asked to leave during my high school years, my friends and I were devastated and disappointed in the church.

Church was the furthest thing from my mind when I started at Central Michigan University. I met some great friends and decided to go Greek. Alpha Gamma Delta felt like home right away but I never expected that I would begin a lasting friendship on bid day that would literally change my life.

I was overwhelmed after joining my chapter, but my new friend Ellaine reassured me that everything would be okay. Over the course of the semester, our friendship grew. She invited me to Greek InterVarsity meetings, sisterhood events, dinners, study nights and churches in the community. I learned about friendship and what sisterhood is supposed to look like.

Even though I was really involved in church activities growing up, the faith events I attended at Central were different. Ellaine and I had spiritual conversations and I kept coming back for more even though I struggled from time to time. One night I talked to a Greek IV staff worker about my history with the church and how far away I felt from faith. He shared a diagram with me to explain God’s love for me. That’s when I knew that I was a Christian and believed. I prayed to accept Christ while my sorority sister was by my side.

When I first joined Alpha Gam, anything church related was the furthest thing from my mind, I thought I was joining a group to meet friends, and to make connections with - I didn’t know that I would find faith through this. I had basically been at rock bottom when I was lifted up by sisters who took me in and helped me to find faith. And though I am not always perfect, I learn more every day. Being Greek brought me to God and I am forever grateful.

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