Gennesis, Sigma Lambda Gamma from Nebraska

Greek Conference Student Interview

1. Why did you go Greek? 

I went Greek because of the endless opportunities that the Greek organizations offer.  ΣΛΓ are known to be Women of Distinction.  

The definition of "distinction" is excellence that sets someone or something apart from others. I am exactly that. I push my boundaries toachieve what I want to achieve and stop at nothing to achieve it. I am never scared of a challenge, I pour my heart in soul into everything I do, even if I am doing a job that no one wants to do. I let my actions speak louder than my words. I never say what I am capable of, I show it.   

2. How did you end up deciding to come Greek Conference all the way from Nebraska?! 

I never thought I was going to attend, to be honest. I had never heard of Greek Conference, nor did it cross my mind that there was such a thing as Greek IV. I ended up going because my InterVarsity staff leaders told me about it and felt that it was a great opportunity for me to attend. They knew I needed to prep myself because God had something special for me in the Greek Community. 

3. What was your favorite part about Greek Conference? How did God meet you there? 

My favorite thing about Greek conference was that we all came together, no matter what council or organization we were from, to worship and listen to God’s word.

I attended the Lead 101 track and learned a lot. But on the last day of the conference, I realized that God was not done with me and he had something bigger for me. During the morning session, I looked at my phone, and saw a message from someone in my past and it struck a chord. I texted my staff leader to see if the prayer room was open because I knew then I needed prayer. A woman in the prayer room prayed for me and saw that I was in pain. I wanted to explain to her what happened and how I thought I was completely healed from that, but she just told me, “Sh sh sh, it is okay. The Lord has a very special word for you today.”

I realized that I needed to completely heal from certain areas in my past, that included this person, and that God had everything under control. I was a bit skeptical, but when she started stating certain feelings and emotions that transpired, I cried because I knew the Lord was really talking to me and he just wanted me to listen.  

4. How did your experience at Greek Conference impact you and your sorority back on campus?  

When I went back to my campus, I had a new perspective and vision in what I wanted to see on my campus. I shared my story and what Greek IV is with some Greeks and they were thrilled and excited for God had done in me. We began a plan of action on how we could reach Greek students for Jesus.  

5. What was it like to be an MGC student at Greek Conference? 

At first, I felt out of place. I was 1 out of 4 MGC members and there were about 700 plus Greeks there. Once I began to feel connected, I began to socialize more and I became more open minded. I realized that at that moment, we are all there for a purpose. This year, I've made it my goal to make sure more MGC members will be present for Greek Conference 2018. 

6. Why should MGC Greeks go to Greek Conference? 

MGC member should attend because it gets you out of your comfort zone. You learn about other organizations, their traditions, and how we are all similar in a variety of ways. The other organizations that were in my track did not know what strolling was, and when I explained it to them, they asked for a demonstration. It was really cool that, along NPHC members, we could demonstrate what strolling is at the Saturday night party. It was a lot of fun. 

7. Any closing thoughts? 

I went to Greek conference with the mentality to just learn about Greek IV, hoping that I could start one back on my campus. But I had it all wrong. At Greek Conference, God had a bigger plan for me and spoke to me. I came back that my purpose is not just within my sorority, but within the whole Greek community. To anyone who is debating on whether they should attend, go! You never know what you will go back to afterwards. I made new friends, I had a very great experience, and came out very blessed.

Do not let anything stop you from getting yours at Greek Conference. 

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Gennesis is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. 

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