By Amanda Devane

Get to Know: Amanda at the University of Hartford

Getting the word out at Hartford

This week we're getting to know Amanda, a Delta Zeta at the University of Hartford. Her Greek InterVarsity Chapter is one of the newest in the country and Amanda is one of over a dozen Greeks from Hartford that recently attended Greek Conference Boston. Let's find out some more!

How did you first get connected with Greek InterVarsity?

Lauren DeLisi who is on Greek InterVarsity staff, was starting the organization on campus my sophomore year. I helped her with the process of getting the word out to other Greeks.

How would you describe your faith coming into freshman year?

I attended Catholic schools throughout my entire life, so coming into college I was looking for something that would keep meconnected to my faith and help me grow in my relationship with God. Greek IV gave me this great opportunity because it helped me connect all the stresses of Greek life to my faith.

What do you love about being a member of the Greek system?

I love the relationships I have made because of being Greek on campus. I also love the leadership positions and conferences I have been part of because of going Greek. I attended UIFI (Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute) last summer and had an amazing time!

How did you go from being involved with Greek IV to becoming a leader on campus?

I was always involved in the process of getting the word out about Greek IV becoming a chartered organization on the University of Hartford but particularly after Urbana I became passionate and wanted to do anything I could to help Greek IV grow.

How have things been going on campus at Hartford over the last year?

God has helped me handle the stresses of my junior year tremendously. During my junior year I had to juggle three executive board positions (Delta Zeta, Panhellenic & Up Til Dawn) while maintaining a high GPA and a social life. God helped me by reminding me not to get stressed throughout the day because I am only given what I can handle. I actually applied for another executive board position but now looking back I consider it a huge blessing that I did not receive the position because I would not be able to handle adding another position to my already full plate. Also God gave me courage to apply for a study abroad program for the summer term. I sailed with Semester At Sea for Summer 2013 and participated in the Bible study that was coordinated by students.

What experiences and individuals have been key in shaping you as a leader?

Lauren DeLisi played a huge part in shaping my leadership. I meet with Lauren, a Greek IV staff member, weekly to discuss where my relationship with God is and how it can continue growing. Lauren prays for me at the end of every meeting and has helping grow stronger in my daily prayers. Also Urbana GREATLY played a part in shaping my leadership. Urbana gave me the inspiration and tools needed for helping Greek IV on my campus. I know have a better understanding of the direction that Greek IV can be taken on at the University of Hartford.

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