By Jesse Arsenault

Get to Know: Jesse at the University of New Hampshire

How did you first hear about/get connected with Greek InterVarsity when you came to campus?

I was attending a five man football Bible study in the Fall of 2012 when I got invited to Greek InterVarsity by Eric Burgos who is currently a student leader with Athletes InterVarsity on campus. I also got an invite at the Bible study from a student who was attending Athletes IV and is currently staff in Lowell, MA. 

Share a little bit about your faith experience coming into college

I grew up in Christian home with Baptist, Catholic, and non-denominational backgrounds. I made the decision to be baptized at 13, but a year or two after that I fell into deep sin, and struggled with anger, lust, rage, bitterness/unforgivness, and sex. During that time I never doubted the God was real, and I never doubted the fact that Christ was the son of God; I was just in rebellion. Additionally, I struggled with what I view now as spiritual attacks due to generational curses, but many churches in this age don't seem to know what to do about that stuff anymore. When I turned 17, I truly started seeking God and making an effort to lay down my life to do the right thing in all aspects. The more I come to know, the more I realize I don't know. Walking in humility, living free of sin, and avoiding religious mindsets is something that can only be done by living literally in presence of the Holy Spirit. It was and still is very challenging, but Greek InterVarsity has been a big blessing, providing a community to at least talk about spiritual stuff.

What do you love most about being Greek on your campus?

The amount of people you meet. The opportunity to be a part of something that somewhat resembles a team through brotherhood.

How did you go from being involved to becoming a leader within Greek IV?

I got asked to be in a leadership position as the Greek IV chapter was very small and rather new here. I felt comfortable with that, but didn't start seeing genuine moves of the Holy Spirit and hearts being changed until I started truly seeking the heart of God and learning how to be in tune with the Holy Spirit. Things changed for the better once I stopped caring about what I wanted. I want what God wants, so I let him know everyday I'm available for him to use me in whatever way he wants. Unfortunately, this mindset a lot of times rubs people the wrong . Kingdom building for the Lord is my interest. My goal is to lead people into a deep, genuine love with Jesus Christ. And of course, Love everyone like Christ would around me. Community in Christianity is crucial.

Any cool stories from the last semester about what God has done in your chapter or on your campus?

Recently, eight Pike brothers have come to accept Christ. Also, the President of Pike, who was the opposite of spiritual, felt the presence of God so strongly and had a powerful prayer experience that made him lay his life down to the Savior. This is testament to the Holy Spirit working because Pike is known on campus as being the most misbehaved, anti-spiritual chapter. Most recently, the Red Sox Chaplain came to speak to over 60 Greeks in the Pike house. 

What books, experiences, events or individuals have been key in shaping your leadership?

So many people including InterVarsity staff like Ben Sturgill, Isaiah Martin, and Tim Hafner. Even my landlord has set an example for me by being an annointed man after God's own heart. Some helpful books include: Concerning Gifts of the Spirit by Kenneth Hagin; Bondage Breaker by Neil Anderson; Godspace by Doug Pollock; and Unmasking Jezebel by John Paul Jackson. And many teachers including: Bill Johnson, Dr. Myles Munroe, David Wilkerson, Mike Connell, and Kris Vallotton.

Anything else you'd like to share?

If more believers seeking God's heart step out in faith and leave their comfort zones, we will see the kingdom of God brought forth with astounding signs and wonders, see people set free, be closer with Christ, and see one of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen. God is dying to use us and bless us as tools, Godly representives, and light for the kingdom. 

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