By Jessica Ferris

Get to Know: Jessica at Western Michigan University

Many letters, one Greek system

Over one year ago, Jessica helped to plant Greek InterVarsity on her campus. They are still in the planting stage, but seeing a lot of potential for growth. Jessica is still involved in the planning and hopes to leave a legacy when she graduates.

How did you first get connected with Greek InterVarsity?

I was first involved in our Undergrad/Multi-ethnic chapter and heard that there was a girl interested in starting a Greek IV chapter. During my second semester I was invited to an informal recruitment event and for the first time I seriously considered joining a sorority and being a part of Greek InterVarsity.

How would you describe your faith coming into freshman year?

God started working in me a lot my last two years of high school. When I started college I was set on making sure I stayed strong in my faith so I looked around for different campus ministries and connected the best with Intervarsity.

What do you love about being a member of the Greek system?

I love how you are instantly connected with so many other people in my own chapter and every other chapter on campus. Most of these people are very dedicated and passionate and they really encourage me to make the most of the opportunities Greek Life offers.

How did you go from being involved with Greek IV to becoming a leader on campus?

During my freshman year the leaders in the undergraduate chapter poured into me a lot and saw potential in me that I didn't. It eventually got to the point where I couldn't not be a leader because I was so passionate about it all.

We look forward to hearing updates from Jessica about what God is doing at Western Michigan University!


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