Get to Know: Katie at the University of Connecticut

When an invitation to spring break turned into something bigger

How did you first get connected with Greek InterVarsity?

After joining my sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, during my freshman year, my big recommended I go on a service trip during my spring break with InterVarsity. I decided to go on the trip and have been involved with Greek IV ever since. 

How would you describe your faith coming into freshman year?

I had little interest in religion and was not in tune with my faith before coming to college. It was during my service trip to New Orleans with InterVarsity that I promised myself to continue seeking God. A few weeks after the trip, I declared my faith in Him.

What do you love about being a member of the Greek system?

I love the community—seeing my sisters all over campus, running into them at the library, having someone to sit next to in every class. There is not a day that goes by during which I don't see a sister. Furthermore, I love seeing students of different sororities and fraternities simply walking around campus together, subtly showing the connections among all Greek chapters.

How did you go from being involved with Greek IV to becoming a leader on campus?

With every Greek IV event and meeting I attended, I learned to love the organization more and more. I started becoming great friends with the other members and truly looking forward to the weekly meetings. My participation in Greek IV felt so natural, and I found myself wanting to dedicate more time each week, and then each day, to the success of our campus chapter.

How have things been going on campus at UConn over the last year?

God has been more visible in our AEPhi chapter at UConn each semester. Although I was abroad last semester and wasn't able to see His direct work on my sisters, I know He was still with them. During the fall semester, however, God brought my sisters to our weekly GIG and helped them to understand the importance of faith. Whenever new sisters came to GIG, it was so evident that they had such a longing to know God; it's so awesome to see this in my sisters!

What experiences and individuals have been key in shaping you as a leader?

Without a doubt, the Fall Greek IV Conference was one of the most important events in shaping my leadership. It was so inspirational to hear the successes of other chapters throughout the northeast. Being with other Greek IV students was motivating and helped me to understand what it means to be a leader in Greek IV. Moreover, my staff members at UConn have shaped me into the leader I am by encouraging me to continuously seek my faith. They have never failed to offer me wisdom and motivation whenever I need it.

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