God & Pledging: Hazing

The Greek and Christian Podcast | Season 5

The question we’ve been asking in this part of the season is:

Where is God in pledging and how should we approach it as Christians and followers of Jesus?

This week on The Greek and Christian Podcast, we’re talking about hazing. We know this is a heavy topic, but we also know it’s an important one to talk about! Christopher Brenton, the director of Chapter Services for Sigma Nu headquarters, joins us this week with some great advice and information on this topic.

If you’ve recently joined a Greek organization and started the pledging process, you might be asking questions like:

What is hazing, really? Does it look like what we see in tv shows or movies?

How do I recognize if something I’m being asked to do is hazing?

If I do recognize it, then how do I speak up, especially if I’m in a situation that’s compromising my faith?

If you’ve been around your Greek organization for a while, maybe you’re wondering:

How can I help create a healthy situation when it comes to the pledging process?

How can I change traditions in my organization so that they build brotherhood/sisterhood, but in a way that cares for all members and keeps them safe?

As we think about how God fits into Greek life, we are reminded that there is an opportunity to remember that Jesus was a person who served others. As we engage in this conversation about hazing, we’re asking “how can I serve my brothers/sisters?”, not “how can they serve me?”

If you’re curious about the answers to any of the questions above, be sure to listen to this week’s episode! Looking for more? Check out the resources below.

Hazing Resources

Hazing Hotline: To get support or to anonymously report hazing, call 1-888-NOT-HAZE

Greek IV Blog Series:
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