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A Gamble with a Huge Pay-Off

In business there is a term called Return On Investment- ROI for short. It’s used to help people measure whether some new venture or opportunity is worth continuing to support or invest in. It measures the difference between what is put in and what is put out. We care a lot about ROI financially, but often we forget that everything we do with our time and our lives has a Return On Investment.

Some things give us a successful ROI while other opportunities waste our resources. We invest our lives in relationships that we hope will work out and not end in heartbreak. We invest our time and money in studies at college with the hope that it will pay itself off with a job and not end in thousands of dollars in student debt. We also invest our 52 weekends a year in many different ways too. We take vacations with family, initiate our new members, tailgate at football games, binge-watch netflix, catch up on sleep, and write midterm papers.

What if you chose to invest just one of those 52 weekends in your faith by going to Greek Conference?

My sophomore year, I was pretty skeptical about investing a whole weekend of my life to grow in my faith. I grew up going to church and went to some Christian camps, what more could I learn and experience? I was pleasantly surprised to find that the small investment in time and money for Greek Conference resulted in a huge Return On Investment.

Investing a weekend into Greek Conference was like buying a dollar scratch-off lottery ticket and winning the jackpot!

At the time it felt like a gamble, but afterwards it was more than worth the risk. I learned how to bring God into my fraternity experience. I discovered that I had a lot to learn in living out my faith and sharing it with my brothers. I met amazing men and women across the country who were making a difference on their campuses; they inspired me to do the same. I made memories that I will never forget with my brothers that came with me.

So what is the Return On Investment for you if you give up a weekend to go to Greek Conference?

At GC16 you just might:

1. Form relationships with the Greeks from your campus and across the country.

2. Encounter God in a way you never have before Get practical tools on how to follow God in your Greek chapter

3. Learn how to share faith in loving and helpful ways

4. Learn how to connect with God on a daily basis

5. Enjoy the craziest Dance Party you could ever imagine

6. Potentially have best weekend of your life

So, are you in? Are you willing to give one weekend of your year for a potentially huge ROI? Register for GC16 today and join thousands of Greeks who have invested a weekend of their year to grow in their faith and explore Jesus.

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