Greek Conference Speaker Interview: Indianapolis Edition

Get to Know York Moore

Tell us about you. Where do you live? What do you do?

I live in Canton, MI near Ann Arbor-home of the Michigan Wolverines! Go Blue! I am an author, speaker, abolitionist and meat-a-tarian. Hit me up on Insta and Snap (@yorkmoore). I serve on InterVarsity staff as National Evangelist and the National Director for Catalytic Partnerships.

What's your family like?

CHAOTIC! My 17 year old son studies German and robotics; my 14 year old daughter is into theatric makeup artistry, specializing in horror/gore; my 7 year old is athletic and does gymnastics, dance, and anything else that involves movement; my wife is a full-time project manager at a disaster restoration company and is the love of my life. This Spring, we’ll have been married 20 years! We also have the cutest dog, Tucker!

Any random things we should know about you?

I have had surgery for playing video games and held world records in the 1980’s. I still play video games and am 10th prestige on Black Ops III Zombies. I also live for my landscaping and daily maintain my gardens around the house.

Where did you go to college and what is your Greek affiliation?

I went to the greatest school in N. America-THE University of Michigan where I was one of 10 founders of the Nu Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi on the Dearborn, Michigan campus.

Why did you go Greek?

I connected with the guys who pledged with me and found a sense of belonging and acceptance I had yearned for. I love my frat and feel like Kappas have a strong commitment to community and service. Phi Nu Pi!

What did you like most about your brotherhood?

The sense of identity and belonging in community. The determination to succeed and create pathways of success for others in the community.

What's your favorite memory from Greek life?

Initiation Week for sure. Though it was hard, the challenges we faced together created a bond that I’ll never forget.

Why should I go to Greek Conference?

Being around other women and men who are looking for something more out of life and college is contagious. Greek Conference is so much better than a step show or house party-it is full of opportunities you can’t find anywhere else. You are surrounded by positive people wanting something more out of life and at Greek Con you can find it. It is a weekend that can change your life and actually make you a better frat/sor for your team back on campus!


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