Greek Conference Speaker Interview: Los Angeles Edition

Get to Know Kristina Crosetto

Tell us about you. Where do you live? What do you do? What's your family like? Any random things we should know about you?

I was born in Tennessee but lived in six different states growing up, ending up in California. I currently live in Los Angeles with my husband and three kids, Noah (6) Sophia (4) and Wesley (2). My husband and I are both on staff with GreekIV; we're praying to see ministries planted on 17 campuses in the LA area. I love coffee, reading all different kinds of books, rooting for the San Diego Chargers, and snuggling with small children. We also live 5 miles from the beach which is a constant reminder of God’s goodness.

Where did you go to college and what is your Greek affiliation?

I went to the University of San Diego, rushed my freshman year, and have been a proud member of Gamma Phi Beta ever since.

Why did you go Greek?

My mom was a Sigma Kappa and my dad was a Pike and so I always grew up hearing all of their fun stories. It was a huge part of their college experience and they are still best friends with some of their brothers and sisters. Their example made it easy to get excited to go through recruitment. It was also a really fun part of my campus to be greek and I love getting involved in everything!

What did you like most about your sisterhood?

I loved my chapter because everyone was a lot of fun and strong leaders. We had women that were leading all over campus which made me proud and spurred me on to be a strong leader as well.

God shows up at Greek Conference.

What's your favorite memory from Greek life? 

Call me crazy but I always loved recruitment! Don’t get me wrong, it was always a hectic time, but I loved how it always brought our chapter back to our values and connected us again to each other. I am also a flaming extrovert so talking all day everyday was a blast and it also brought out all of our goofy sides. I was always the most proud of Gamma Phi during recruitment and I also laughed the hardest.

Why should I go to Greek Conference?

God shows up at Greek Conference. I have been to over 10 years of GC and each year I am blown away with God’s ability to speak into each student’s life that comes. It is hard on campus for greeks to create space in the midst of the busyness; GC gives you that space for God to fill. And he will!


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