How can I authentically share the Gospel with my chapter?

Being okay with awkwardness in sharing your faith

The best way to share the Gospel with your brothers or sisters in a way that is authentic is to start by being authentic yourself. People do not want to seem as if they are a “project” of yours; they want to be your friend. This actually gives fraternity and sorority members an advantage in sharing the Gospel with your brothers and sisters because you most likely already have many friends in your chapter. Just as friends naturally discuss topic such as movies, food, or classes, Jesus can also be discussed authentically.

Starting Point

If you have never had spiritual conversations with your brothers or sisters before, a good place to start is to ensure that you are living out your faith with your actions. Christianity has enough problems with hypocrisy, so don’t add to them. This does not mean that you should pretend to be perfect, but rather to be honest about your shortcomings and do your best to follow Jesus with your actions. If you are getting drunk and sleeping around just like a lot of other people do, then who would take your faith seriously? It is difficult to handle temptations in Greek Life whether it's a party or just down time in your room with brothers or sisters. However, it is important that your new life in Christ is evident in order to have credibility when you share your story. 

Authentically sharing the Gospel does not mean it will never be awkward. Life is awkward in general, and that is okay. Maybe your brothers and sisters already know that you are a Christian, and they will not be too surprised if you bring up spiritual things in conversation. Remember that you do not need to have all of the answers when you are sharing your faith.

Describe Your Story

We are called to be witnesses: the job of a witness is not to know everything that happened, but to simply describe what they experienced. This is where your personal testimony is important, because you are the world’s foremost expert in how Jesus has transformed your life! Sometimes we think that we need to have an impressive testimony about Jesus miraculously healing us in some grand fashion. If this is your testimony, then preach it. The reality is that many people will not have a story like this, especially if you have grown up in the church. However, that does not mean that having a relationship with Jesus has not changed your life. What would your life be like if you never knew Jesus? Take some time to pray about this. The more personal your story is the more authentic it will be.

Commit to Care

When you are praying, take some time to ask God to give you compassion and to help you see the needs of others around you. You can also ask God if there is someone specific you could share God's love with. You might be surprised who God brings to mind. Make the commitment to set aside some time to ask this person how they are doing. Not in a casual “what’s up bro?” manner, but genuinely caring about them. It takes energy to set aside the tasks that you think are most pressing. But most people have more going on under the surface than they show, and often times go about their day without one person really asking how they are doing. If you feel comfortable, this can be a great opportunity to pray with your brother or sister. Only God can change a person’s heart, but they still need someone to tell them the Gospel. To quote my favorite rapper, Lecrae: “You hold the truth that saves, so shout it to the world. They can’t believe in something they ain’t never heard.

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