Jesus Loves Greeks

Six things Greek InterVarsity believes

There's a lot of talk about why fraternities and sororities are some of the worst organizations out there, about how they offer only problems for their members and the world around them. Suffice to say, there's no love lost on the Greek system. But as Greek InterVarsity, loving Greeks is precisely what we're about. You may have heard of this ministry and why we exist, or you may think we're an athletic organization for people from Greece. Whatever the case, here are six reasons why we believe fraternity and sorority students are worth loving.

1. We love Greeks.

NPC, MGC, IFC, NPHC, and more. We love the tradition, fellowship, scholarship, fun, and community that makes the Greek system what it is. Lifelong friendships are made. Key life lessons are learned. Opportunities to grow and learn alongside people who share different backgrounds, beliefs and ethnicities. Most of our staff are from Greek letter organizations and some even worked for their fraternity or sorority before coming on staff with Greek InterVarsity.

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2. We Believe Jesus Loves Greeks.

As part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, we seek to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed on college and university campuses across the country. We believe that Jesus loves fraternity and sorority students. We believe Jesus doesn’t condemn them or put them to shame, nor does he love everything that the Greek system is known for. We believe He is calling all people in all places into a renewed relationship, a relationship made possible at the highest of costs.

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3. We want every fraternity & sorority student to be one friend away from having an opportunity to talk about Jesus.

Some Greeks might have grown up going to church but no longer feel like that part of their identity fits with their Greek life. Others come to college having little or no faith experience. We believe that the Greek system is a place where the big questions should be discussed and that there’s no better person to discuss them with than your fraternity brother or sorority sister.

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4. We encourage and equip students to be leaders.

Sometimes Christians seem to be known for all the wrong things - judgement, hypocrisy and worse. As a ministry, we seek to encourage and equip fraternity and sorority students to love as Jesus loves and serve as He served. Jesus said that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for the sake of their friends. We believe that life in the Greek system affords countless opportunities to live out this calling and to change lives.

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5. We want to see the Greek system renewed.

From commonly cited issues like hazing, binge drinking and sexual assault to less talked about issues like ethnicity, greed, pride and countless others, we believe that there are many ways that the Greek system and those in it are broken. As followers of Jesus we believe that restoration, forgiveness and grace are possible through Christ. We want to see chapters live up to their ideals and values upon which they were founded. We also believe that we are called to pursue renewal as we encounter the brokenness around us.

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6. We believe that Greeks have, can and will change the world.

From Presidents to CEOs, rockstars to research pioneers, Greeks take their talents and use them on the biggest of stages. Both on campus and in their lives after college, Greeks will be in positions of leadership and influence. How will they leverage their gifts? Who will they serve? Where will they spend their time and talents? We care about helping students think through these big questions so that they can Love God and Love their neighbors with their heart, mind, soul and strength.

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