Leadership | Anxiety and Mental Health

The Greek and Christian Podcast | Season 6

This season on the podcast we’re talking all about leadership. Specifically, we’re talking about the issues that many Greeks face when they’re interested in spiritually leading within Greek life. This week, we have a couple of guests joining us in a conversation about anxiety and mental health.

Melissa McCormick, a Kappa Alpha Theta alumna, steps into the co-host seat this week with Alison. Melissa leads Greek Ministry in San Diego and she is also a licensed therapist. Brooke Pland, our guest for this episode, is an Alpha Chi Omega alumna and serves as Greek IV campus staff at UC Santa Barbara. 

In this episode, Brooke shares about her mental health journey. She talks about how she views God’s role in her mental health and the toolkit she has developed over the years to help her manage her mental health.

Melissa ends the episode with these tips: 

  1. Take time to actually feel your emotions

  2. Be mindful of your physical needs

  3. Limit your screen time

  4. Reach out for emotional support

Want to hear Brooke’s story and more details on how mental health and leadership are related? Listen to the full conversation in this week’s episode


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