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Meet Tori Castek

An interview with a Greek InterVarsity staff

Tori is on staff at Indiana University and loves meeting with fraternity and sorority members. She is a strong leader of prayer on the Greek InterVarsity team, and a great encouragement to many. Hopefully you get the chance to meet her in person, but let the introduction start here.

Hey Tori, how are you doing?

Hello!! Doing well, learning a lot and loving life!

So, how did you first get connected with Greek InterVarsity?

I rushed as a freshman at Purdue and pledged Kappa Alpha Theta. There were some older girls in the house who were involved with Greek IV and invited me to join them at InterVarsity's weekly large group. I was intrigued and started attending regularly. I ended up joining a freshman women's small group. It was through that Bible study that I decided to make faith a priority in my life. I recommitted my life to Christ second semester of my freshman year and was hooked to Greek IV and figuring out what it meant to be 100% Greek and 100% Christian at Purdue!

What's it like serving Hoosiers when you yourself are a Boilermaker?

You know, it isn't a big deal to me. Both of my parents and my brother are IU grads, so technically I am the "black sheep" of the family. We have never really had the whole "house divided" rivalry going on and I grew up appreciating both schools. I felt called to serve at IU when I got hired to be on staff my senior year, so God has really given me a heart for the campus from the get-go! It is different than Purdue in a lot of ways, but both are great schools. I'm thankful to be serving IU Greeks!

What does an average day of ministry look like for you?

I am always following up with people. Always. My favorite thing to do on campus is to be a part of a dynamic GIG, so I am normally looking for people to do GIGs with in those follow-up meetings. I disciple my students and am normally praying, whether it is at our weekly prayer meeting or on my breaks between appointments.

What's your favorite yearly event that your chapter puts on?

I love our Question Mark events. Every year, we bring in InterVarsity's regional evangelist, Mark Slaughter, to come to different fraternity and sorority houses and do a Q&A session about stumping faith questions. He answers questions like "why do bad things happen to good people?", "how do you know that Christianity is the only way?" and "is the Bible reliable?" Mark always does an amazing job interacting with IU Greeks in a way that really gets them to go deeper when thinking about faith and Christ. It is an event that really helps students take a next step towards Jesus and I love it!

What's the craziest way a student has gotten involved or heard about Greek IV at IU?

Last Fall, I was walking around campus with my boss and engaging people in spiritual conversations. We walked up to a girl sitting on a bench doing homework and started a convo. Turns out that she is the "little sis" of one of our core members in Theta. This student and I later did a GIG together! Pretty crazy!

What's an ongoing challenge you face as a Greek InterVarsity campus staff?

I think for me, it is trusting God in EVERYTHING. Even when things seem to not be going too well with Greek IV at IU, or I get bummed about a student who doesn't want to be serious about their faith in college, I have to make a choice to trust God that all things are under his control...even hard things!

Rapid Fire Time!

Bring it.

Best Coffee Shop on Campus

The Pour House. All of their profits go to help people in need around the world! Love the vision.

Favorite IVP Book?

Hmm, it's hard to pick one, so I will pick my two most recent faves: "Hearing God" by Dallas Willard and "The Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom" by James Emery White.

The movie/show that sums up Greek life for you?

The House Bunny--haha! LOVE that movie! But I think GREEK does a good job showcasing some of the aspects of Greek life.

Most cherished/treasured piece of Greek memorabilia/apparel you have?

My Theta sandals...after 7 years, and a lot of glue, they finally have given. I am going to head to the campus book store to buy a new pair this week!

Number one greatest thing about working for Greek IV?

I absolutely LOVE having a front row seat seeing students' lives transformed by the power of Christ! Another perk is that I am always growing in my faith and my leadership too. God has really used this job to rock me and bring me closer to him!

Favorite way to stay connected with other Greek IV staff?

I am a huge "texter." Love to just say a quick "hi" to my good friends here and there. But phone dates are the most effective when we can find a time.

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