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Only God Can Satisfy

Kelsey's Story

My family within my sorority was commonly known as the “party family” within Delta Gamma, a reputation which I got caught up in for my freshman and sophomore years of college and which I reaped many negative consequences from. At the beginning of junior year, I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore or the girl I had become. And every part of my life suffered from distancing myself from God through sin. I remembered the verse about “seeking first the Kingdom of God” and that “all these things will be added unto you”. So I started seeking. I knew that all of these other things I had been filling my life with would never satisfy me; only God could do that.

Coming to Greek Impact was at first a weird experience for me. I didn’t understand how Greeks and God could coexist because everything I had witnessed within the Greek system basically disregarded any moral conviction in favor of impulse. What I found in Greek Impact was basically a reconciliation of who I was in Christ and who I could become in my sorority. I felt called to be a light in the darkness and the fellowship and renewal I felt whenever I went there every week really reminded me of my purpose in Christ.

About the same time I started going to Greek Impact, I began to meet with Kelly on a regular basis. This was a very hard time in my life because my parents were divorcing, but she was always there to listen to me and encourage me and to also help me look at things from a different perspective. There were times when I’d just break down in the middle of one of our meetings because things were so hard and I knew I needed God. I also began to help lead a sorority for my Bible study for junior and senior years. Senior year I went to Greek Conference, and I really began to see my role in the sorority as someone who invests in the spiritual lives of others.

I have such a heart for my sisters and for college students in general. Greek Impact has not only refocused my eyes on Christ, but provided me with a fellowship of people who have transformed my life. I know God specifically brought these people into my life and it’s amazing what a force we’ve become on campus. Graduating from William and Mary this year, I feel like I’ve grown so much in my relationship with Christ and am confident of my ability to be a light in the darkness.

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