Real Questions

By Casey Groff

This BIG Question comes from Casey Groff, who has been on Greek InterVarsity staff since 2009. She shares out of her personal history with alcohol, and the countless conversations she's had helping fraternity and sorority students walk through their questions and relationship to alcohol. Casey's story adds to an important conversation about the intersection of partying and life as a Christian. We hope you are able to think through this topic with a new perspective.

By Alison Smith

During the interview, Hale was asked about how his faith informs his career as an actor. He responded, “All I ever wanted was a sitcom…when I booked it I thought, ‘This doesn’t satisfy like I thought it would satisfy’…that was a faith lesson. If you’re not practicing contentment where you’re at, then you’re not going to be content when you get what you want.”

By Paula Frances Price

We identify ourselves and others with many different labels. Where are you from? What school do you attend? Which sorority or fraternity are you in? The answers to these questions communicate a different story to people about who we are and what we believe. These labels can also come with baggage.

Back when I was applying to college I was a naïve pastor’s kid who decided to forgo Christian colleges for a place where it would be something of a “challenge” to be a Christian.