Six Reasons Why Greek Conference is Worth It

Greek Conference will be here before you know it. Have you registered, yet? In just a few short months, Greek students from all around the country will come together to dive deeper into their relationship with Christ, meet other students just like them, and show off their whip and nae nae at the dance party.

If you’re still on the fence as to whether you should carve out time for Greek Conference (even if it means skipping that date party or studying extra hard before and after the weekend), here are 6 reasons why Greek Conference is worth it:

1. Meet Brothers/Sisters from Other Parts of the Country

One of coolest parts Greek Conference is seeing students from other schools wearing your same letters. We say it all the time, “I love my fraternity/sorority because I can go anywhere in the country and meet another brother/sister; instantly we’re on the same page.”

Put that into practice at Greek Conference, throw what you know, and take lots and lots of pictures.


2. Learn How to Live Out Your Faith in Greek Life

The Bible calls us to be salt and light in our communities (Matthew 5:13-16). One of the things I think is most amazing about Greek InterVarsity is seeing students who take this call seriously to live out their faith in Greek Life. Through Greek Conference, wherever you’re at with your faith, you’ll learn more about what it means to live this out through our numerous concentrations.

Speaking of which…


3. Pick the Concentration that Best Suits You

Whether you’re new to the idea of Christianity, you’ve been walking with Jesus your whole life, or you’re somewhere in between – there is a concentration at Greek Conference for you! Each concentration is catered to wherever you might be in your faith journey and will help point you more toward Christ. You’ll have an opportunity to be with other students who are in the same place as you so you can be authentic, and get your tough questions answered. Make sure to ask your staff which concentration would be best for you. Click here to learn more.


4. Worship God with Hundreds of Other Greek Students

Throughout the weekend, we get the opportunity to worship God together through music. The worship band is phenomenal, and the music is loud enough to cover up those of us who won’t be getting call backs for The Voice. These sessions help to accentuate and solidify the experience of the weekend by giving all of us, as a community, an opportunity to worship God together.


5. Did We Mention There’s a Dance Party?

Every year, on Saturday night, we all pack into the main ballroom for a huge dance party – Greek style. Make sure you know the theme, pack accordingly, and bring your best moves.

We’ll see you on the dance floor.


 6. Meet God in a Real Way 

Finally, the part about Greek Conference that excites me the most is seeing hundreds of students every year meet God in an authentic way. Whether it’s through laughs, tears, the joy of seeing your brothers or sisters encounter Jesus, or a personal decision to follow Jesus’ call on your life – my bet is that you’ll see God moving over the course of the weekend.

So sign up already!



To learn more about Greek Conference, visit our conference website,

Or contact a Greek IV staff worker at your school or corner of the country.

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