Thriving in the Summer

5 Ways to Connect with God this Summer

The sun is out. The weather is starting to warm up. And you can’t help but notice that you just feel... happier. Probably because school is out... and you’re getting more Vitamin D. With more time in your schedule and a better attitude, the possibilities seem endless. But instead of submitting to FOMO and trying to do everything but winding up doing nothing, use that burst of energy to think strategically about how you can grow spiritually this summer.

Here is our top 5 list of ways to grow in your faith this summer:

1. Try the Greek IV Weekly Devotional

Every Monday in June, Greek IV will be posting a Weekly Devotional. Written by Greek IV staff, these devotionals will help you connect with the Bible in a real way. Each devotional will focus on a passage from Scripture with guided questions to help you engage with God and apply the text in a practical way.

Check it out here.

2. Check out the Greek IV GIGs (Greeks Investigating God)

Got a group of friends that might want connect to God with you? Check out our GIGs, written for Greeks by Greeks. Each GIG tackles issues that are relevant to Greeks: leadership, success, ambition, partying, sex, drinking, self-esteem, etc. And they’re designed so that you can pick up the guide and immediately talk through the passages and questions with your friends.

Visit our GIG website here.

3. Catch up on the Greek IV Blog

Written by Greeks and for Greeks- are you noticing a theme? Our blogs focus on relevant topics for the Greek community and they are short enough that you can read one in about 5 minutes. Here are the top blogs that we recommend:

Who’s on your Team: The Importance of Community

Do You Have Busy Sickness?

Are you Listening? Learning to Recognize God's Voice

Our Relationship with Work: Can We Be Free of the Rat Race?


Want more blogs, visit the National InterVarsity Blog too!

4. Connect with a Local Church

In our college bubbles, we typically only interact with people in our age and stage of life. The local church helps us connect with people from all walks of life, which is so important! We need to be mentored by those who have walked with Christ longer than us. Mentors provide us with crucial perspective and wisdom. Plus, you remind more mature people of their kids or grandkids which means that they’ll probably treat you to many home-cooked meals.

TBH a million excuses come up during the school year of why we can’t make it to church: I have formal the night before. But I have to study… [Author’s note: Are you SERIOUSLY studying on a Saturday night?! I call bluff…]. Don’t let excuses prevent you from connecting. Plus, if you’re really not into waking up before noon on Sundays, many churches have Saturday or Sunday evening services.

5. Go Read a Book

One of the lamest excuses for not reading that people often say is, “I have so much reading to do for my classes, so I don’t have time to read!” Bull. Unless you are in Law School, I think this is false. There are so many great books out there that will challenge you both intellectually and spiritually if you just made the time. God wants us to practice taking responsibility for our spiritual growth. One way we can do this is by seeking out books that help us grow in a certain area. Here are our top picks for summer reading:

Sex & Dating by Mindy Meier, Alpha Chi Omega alumna

The Good & Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith

Kingdom Come by Allen Wakabayashi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumnus

Beyond Awkward by Beau Crosetto, Greek IV staff

The Pursuit of God in the Company of Friends by Richard Lamb


However you spend your summer, don't let the months fly by without prioritizing your faith. We've all been there, we know this phrase by heart: "Oh, I'll just [read the Bible, pray, etc.] tomorrow." Let's stop the cycle today; let's move our relationship with God to the top of our list this summer. 

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