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Ok, I know, the “Uncle Sam We Want You” thing is not cool anymore. But cut me some slack, I can’t be super relevant ALL the time. And the truth is, I really do want you to sign-up for Greek Conference. So much so, that I am willing to humiliate myself by sharing awkward sorority days photos from the 2000s.

So why should you sign-up today? Besides getting the lowest price ($145!) possible? Well, let’s ask Alison circa 2006 why she signed up:

1. Like Greek Conference is SO fetch!

ALISON! STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN! (Mean Girls was pretty big in my college days)

But for real, Greek Conference is amazing. You know how hard it is to walk the complicated road of being Greek and Christian. Before I went to Greek Conference, I felt like I was the only Greek in the world who cared about spiritual things. At GC I was surrounded by hundreds of Greeks all asking the same question, “How do I be Greek and Christian?” And I came away realizing that I was pretty judgy about my sorority sisters. Many of them actually were interested in spiritual things. Here is a picture of my sisters and I at GC. Check out our awesome chunky highlights and outrageous bumps. BTW the dance party theme was “Olympics” and I was a figure skater. Leotards were not a trend of the 2000s. I REPEAT, LEOTARDS WERE NOT A TREND OF THE 2000s! #ListenUpAmericanApparel

2. Greek Conference Deepened My Relationship with my Sisters

I will never forget the year that I brought ten of my Pi Beta Phi sisters to Greek Conference. It was amazing to see the way they connected with God: some for the first time ever! Greek Conference brought our sisterhood together in a way we hadn’t experienced before. During our final evening at GC, we had a candle pass in our hotel room (hotel management, if you are reading this, it was a FAKE candle, I promise…) We shared our deep questions about faith and Greek Life. This strengthened our bond as we supported one another in our spiritual journeys.

3. Greek Conference Deepened My Relationship with God

Each year I went, Greek Conference served as a catalyst in my relationship with God. Through Bible study, large group worship, small group discussion, and the wisdom of my table group leaders, I heard from God and left the weekend feeling more rooted in my faith. Greek Conference gave me the motivation I needed to make hard choices during the weekend and take risks in sharing my faith during the week. AND LOOK AT THAT HAIR! SO BIG!

4. And there’s a dance party

One more embarrassing picture to get you to sign-up. I have some legit dance moves. If you come to GC you will get to experience those dance moves and maybe, just maybe, challenge me to a dance off. I WILL CRUSH YOU!

So to sum up, please don’t let my embarrassment be in vain. Sign up for Greek Conference today!

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