What did Greek Conference look like in 1996?

10 Things worth noting from the Greek Conference 96 Promo Video

Here at InterVarsity headquarters in Madison,WI we've got an extensive archive of footage from the two decades that Greek Conference has existed. And of course, by "extensive archive" I mean several cardboard boxes of VHS and Betamax cassette tapes. In preparing for the 20th anniversary of the Indianapolis Greek Conference, we began to sort through some of these old tapes to see what kinds of historically significant moments had been captured to tape.

One tape in particular stood out as worthy of attention. Labeled "Greek Conference History" and clocking in at a little over seven minutes, this promotional video is not only a great look at one of the earliest Greek Conferences but also a perfect time capsule for mid 90's Greek culture. In fact, it was so perfect that it was worthy of putting together a list of 10 things that made it particularly awesome.

Watch the Video

Ten "Highlights" from the Video

  1. The potentially vertigo inducing rapid zooms and camera shakes
  2. The flannel-clad dance team busting some serious moves.
  3. That the National Speaker's featured story is about being impaled by a Ski.
  4. That the 1972 Pop-Reggae hit "I can see clearly now" is featured as a 90's pop-rock worship song.
  5. The contact email is listed as We're still looking for the password for that one...
  6. The Dance Party consisted entirely of Country Line Dancing.
  7. You can see this year's Indianapolis keynote speaker as he was in 1996!
  8. That the baby is probably old enough to go to Greek Conference now.
  9. The "Entertainment" section features a Sheldon doppelganger performing in a skit.
  10. That almost twenty years later, Greek Conference is still committed to the same things that made it great to begin with.

What "Highlights" did you notice?

Leave a comment below with some of your favorite scenes from the promo video!
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