Chapter Ministries


What is a Chapter Ministry?

Imagine sitting down with a group of your fraternity brothers. You've got Joe, the pastor's kid recovering from a hangover; Tony, the outspoken atheist and life of the party; and Steve, the mysterious pledge who keeps disappearing on Sunday mornings. Why is this motley crew together? Would you believe it if we said for Bible Study?

This is what Chapter Ministries are all about! Bringing God and Greek Life together with the people you enjoy most.

How Does it Happen?

Chapter Ministries happen through brothers and sisters like you. While many Greeks may not go to church or other Christian gatherings, they will have conversations about faith or attend a Bible Study led one of their brothers or sisters who they know and love. We believe that brothers and sisters like you have the best opportunity to connect your friends with Christ, more so than a pastor, parent, or professor might have!

It Only Takes One…

It only takes one person to make an impact. If only one person started a Chapter Ministry in your fraternity or sorority, then every one of your brothers and sisters would be just one friend away from Jesus. Why can’t that friend be you?


Every Chapter & Council Connected.

Every Greek One Friend Away From Jesus.

Want to Learn More?

If the idea of leading a Chapter Ministry excites you and, at the same time, freaks you out, you’re not alone. For over 25 years, we have been providing the training, resources, and coaching to help thousands of Greeks across the country share their faith with their friends, and we’d love to help you too!

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