Get to Know: David at the University of Utah

Growing a Greek IV Chapter as part of the newest fraternity on campus

How did you first get connected with Greek InterVarsity at Utah? 

Here at the University of Utah I am a part of the newest fraternity on campus, Delta Sigma Phi. A group of girls walked into one of our meetings one day, and introduced us to Greek Intervarsity. I was extremely interested, as I wanted to get to know people here within the Greek community, and I thought that this would be a great way.

 I came from out of state (Pennsylvania), and back at home, my closest friends were a part of my Christian community called Young Life. Unfortunately, there is no Young Life for college students out here, so I thought that Greek Intervarsity would be an extremely similar community, and it most certainly was! I felt like my faith was fading away ever since I moved out to college here in Utah, but luckily Greek Intervarsity and the people within it have helped me feel more at home, and connected with Christ. 

What was your faith background coming into college?

While in high school my faith experience was mostly just being involved with Young Life, a Christian group for high school students. I didn't have a true faith until my sophomore year of high school, which is when I was introduced to Young Life, and the Christian faith. My parents and older brothers do not believe in religion, so I am the only person within my family who actually believes in faith. This was kind of a struggle for me, and the only people who I could really talk to about it were my Young Life friends. However, when I moved out to Utah, I was extremely separated from Young Life friends, and did not have people to talk about my faith to. This, in turn, caused my faith to slowly fade away, and I got distracted by my college life. However,as soon as I was introduced to Greek Intervarsity, my faith was no longer fading away.

What do you love about being Greek at the University of Utah? 

My favorite part about being Greek is all of the people I meet, and connections I create. I felt homesick being from out of state, but the Greek community helped me feel less homesick, and connected with new families and friends. I love being able to hang out with my brothers or other sororities. However, most of my Greek friends are within Greek Intervarsity!

How did you make the jump from being involved with Greek IV to becoming a leader in the chapter? 

I am the only freshman within Greek Intervarsity on my campus, and I really want to show leadership within Greek IV. Many of the upper classmen within Greek Intervarsity are the ones who hold their own chapter Bible study sessions, and lead our Friday Core Meetings and Happy Hours. At first, I never imagined myself leading these. However, after attending Greek Conference, I became inspired to want to start my own chapter Bible study sessions within Delta Sigma Phi, and lead Happy Hours and Core Meetings. I am going to begin working alongside our Greek Intervarsity advisor, Alison Smith, and hopefully be able to start my own Chapter Bible Study Session with my Delta Sig brothers!

What are some ways you've seen God at work in your chapter over the last year? 

Because we are the newest Fraternity on campus, and do not have a house yet, it has become a struggle to find new members who want to become a part of Delta Sigma Phi. Additionally, we only have one year left before we have to meet our new member quota (at least 35 new members to become a chapter), or we get shut down on campus. So, I constantly pray with my Greek Intervarsity community that us getting shut down won't be the case, and that we will find many new members. Well, I think God heard our prayers, as we have gained over 15 new members within these past few semesters, and have many guys who are interested in joining during the fall. We are no longer worried about shutting down, and I honestly think it is because God has listened to our prayers. People love Delta Sigma Phi here at The University of Utah, and they do not want to see our small community get shut down. God definitely sees potential in our growth, and wants us to continue to grown on campus.

What experiences or individuals have been helpful in shaping you as a leader? 

One person who really impacted in shaping my leadership is our Greek Intervarsity advisor, Alison Smith. I meet with her on a weekly basis, and she has really helped me in reconnecting with God. She is there to pray with me, and just makes me feel like a true Christian. I have gone through difficult times here on campus, and she has helped me through them. She is going to be teaching and helping me start my own Chapter Bible Study group, and I really hope to be able to have it running by fall!

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