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New Site. Same Mission.

Updates from the intersection of Greek & Christian

Since the days of dial-up, has helped connect fraternity and sorority students from across the country with resources, tools, stories and more to show that it's possible to follow Jesus in the Greek system. Today, we're excited to present the culmination of a few years of effort - a new home for Greek InterVarsity that we hope will serve even more students than our previous editions.

What's staying the same? 

You can still expect to find our student resources - written by Greeks for Greeks - along with many other helpful guides and tools for fraternity and sorority students looking to lead ministry in their chapters. Additonally, we will continue to gather and share student stories, provide the latest videos and many other helpful Greek InterVarsity resources

What's new? 

In the (many) years that have passed since we last did a complete overhaul of our website the internet has gone through quite a few changes. Suffice to say, we've stepped into the early 2000's and added a blog to our site. Joking aside, we hope that our new blog provides readers with stories, essays, interviews and more featuring Greek InterVarsity students, alumni and staff. We've also added more tools to help individuals stay involved with campus staff as well as opportunities to serve with Greek InterVarsity. 

What's still to come? 

Our new platform will give us opportunities to expand our site with new features to help serve college students as technology rapidly changes. Expect more resources, new ways to connect and many more features about all the ways God is at work through fraternity and sorority students across the country. 

Lastly, one other feature that's new to us (but old to every website since about 2003) is a contact form that allows you to get in touch with us for just about anything. Have a feature you'd like to see added? Want to know more about our ministry on a specific campus? Interested in going back to college and joining a fraternity as a retiree? We can help you with (almost) all of these questions and many more. Just head over to the contact page and ask away. 

Thanks for checking out the latest from the intersection of Greek & Christian!

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