Upcoming Events

Greek Getaway

As Greeks, our philanthropies, chapter meetings, and homework can leave us feeling drained. We need time to connect with God and rest in the midst of our busy schedules! Greek Getaways are local events designed to help us do just that. Join your Greek IV chapter on campus in this unique space to learn how to connect with God and each other more deeply! Use the links below to find a location near you:

University of Iowa - November 4th-5th | https://greek.events.intervarsity.org/greek-getaway-2023-for-iowa

San Diego - October 15th |  https://greek.events.intervarsity.org/greek-getaway-2023-for-san-diego

Los Angeles - October 21st-23rd | https://greek.events.intervarsity.org/greek-getaway-2023-for-los-angeles

New York/New Jersey- Coming Soon

Virginia & Mid-Atlantic- November 5th-6th | Registration Link Coming Soon

Carolinas - October 29th-30th | Registration Link Coming Soon 

Louisiana - November 12th-13th | Registration Link Coming Soon

Indiana University - October 22nd-23rd | Registration Link Coming Soon

Indiana & Illinois - November 11th-12th | Registration Link Coming Soon

UW Madison - October 23rd | Registration Link Coming Soon