Melissa McCormick

Melissa is a Kappa Alpha Theta Alumni from San Diego State University. Melissa first got involved with Greek InterVarsity during her time as an undergraduate where she was introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus for the first time! Through starting her sorority's first Bible study, Melissa's heart grew for prayer, scripture, and seeing the Greek community transformed. One of Melissa's favorite things about Greek ministry is empowering students to reach their own brothers and sisters by living faithfully and boldly within the Greek community. In addition to serving as the Team Leader of Greek ministry at SDSU, Melissa also coaches staff from around San Diego as they reach Greeks at USD, UCSD, and CSUSM. Melissa is also a licensed marriage and family therapist with a small private practice where she treats trauma and eating disorders

General Info
Regional Greek Team Leader
Alma Mater: 
San Diego State University
Greek Affiliation: 
Kappa Alpha Theta